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Our exclusive Writing Guide is loaded with Tutor Tips so you can get firsthand insight into how a legal expert would break down specific bar exam questions.

Discover How a Legal Expert Breaks Down the Bar Exam Essays and Performance Tests

Write for the Bar’s Tutor Tips provide insight into how a legal expert would approach, break down, and analyze bar exam questions. Laden with law and test-taking strategy, Tutor Tips help you learn how complex legal issues are frequently tested and how factual details help you recognize issues and rules. That recognition cognitively triggers recall and leads us to the correct answer. With Tutor Tips in mind, you’ll hit all of the issues and score all of the points on exam day.

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Read the Facts with Strategy and Purpose

Read and learn from our library of Tutor Tips and use our Markup Mode to make notes on your own. Before you know it, these Tips will be second-nature, giving you the extra edge you need to make the grade.

Change Your Approach to the Bar Exam and the Questions It Poses

Careful planning, meaning, and purpose go into the bar exam questions drafted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Every word choice, description, and detail provides you with clues to the right resolution. If you know how to critically read and analyze these questions, parsing out the facts as you go, you’ll quickly discover the right answer has been there all along. Knowing this is a game-changer, but getting there can be tricky. That’s where Tutor Tips can help.

The Writing Guide’s hints and tips, which I did not learn from my previous bar course, made the structure and content of my answers click, to the point where writing a bar essay almost became muscle memory. I can say with certainty that the High Bar’s Writing Guide deserves a lot of credit for helping me pass the bar on my second try!

Daniela H.

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