Craft a passing response by highlighting the connection between the facts and the law using the RULE FUNNEL™ method.

Maximize Your Written Response Points

When you go into the bar exam, the examiners are intentionally giving you facts that help you uncover issues and rules as they relate to the questions being asked. That’s why our RULE FUNNEL™ method teaches you to make meaningful and intelligent connections between what you are asked, the facts that are presented, and the law. You’ll learn how to create a handy “cheat sheet” that helps you approach writing your bar exam essay response with a new perspective ensuring that you maximize points in the process.

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Hit On All of the Issues and Draft a Thorough Response

Our RULE FUNNEL™ feature is a visual study method that allows you to see the relationship between the facts and the law. This will enable you to hit all of the pertinent issues and better organize your ideas before putting pen to paper during the exam.


Most students wonder how to score more points on bar exam essays. Well, the RULE FUNNEL method reveals just how to do it. Here at The High Bar, we encourage students to start general and get specific as they craft their answers. Using the RULE FUNNEL method, we will help you identify general statements of law and highlight the specifics, and then our Sample Answers piece it all together to show you a more thorough written response.

As someone who, thanks in large part to the High Bar, earned a passing UBE score in NY after having previously failed, I can emphatically state that the RULE FUNNEL method improved my score by helping me to visualize my answer to the fact pattern and quickly organize my thoughts into a coherent answer, even when I had limited knowledge on the issue in the prompt.

Chris C.

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