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Practice makes perfect. That’s why we’ve unveiled Practice Mode to help you put all you’ve learned to the test in a live exam simulation.

Your Ultimate Resource for Test Day

Practice Mode is offered to all users within 30 days of their exam to help you use your valuable study time effectively. This mode guides you through an MEE question set or an MPT practice set. You can either practice with a full-length exam (six MEE essays and two MPTs) or a MINI exam (three MEE essays and one MPT). With licensed NCBE questions, randomized topics, and an expert grading rubric, you’ll have all the guidance you need as test day draws nearer.

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The Most Realistic Way to Practice

Many jurisdictions are offering the bar exam online. The Writing Guide allows you to adjust by taking your MEE and MPT practice exams in a virtual format that is very similar to the actual software the real bar exam uses. Give yourself an extra edge by practicing in the same manner your exam will be offered.

No Surprises Here!

It’s the element of surprise that makes most test-takers anxious, so we’ve built mystery questions into your Practice Mode. Topics are selected randomly, just as they would be on test day. Or, if you have specific pain points you’d like to focus on, you can choose your own exam topics.

Instant Feedback

With scoring rubrics based on the real exam’s grading process, you won’t have to wait to see how you performed. Self-grade your essay using our trusted rubric and know instantly which steps you can take to improve your score.

There’s No Better Partner

Here at The High Bar, we’ve spent over a decade helping students practice their bar exam study skills. Hundreds of future esquires have passed through our doors. Now it’s your turn. Practice Mode gives you the unique experience of a full-length or MINI bar exam from the comfort of your own home. When used with our Rule Funnel, Tutor Tips, and Adaptable Content, you’ll have all of the tools you need to master the bar.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the practice exam sets; makes my practice more efficient, and more like the real thing with back-to-back questions. Thank you! It’s what I needed.

Lorraine B.

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