Yes, absolutely! Write for the Bar is the perfect supplement to any bar review course. Once you enroll, you can begin to study and dive right into your MEE and MPT practice.

In fact, we recommend replacing the written component of your traditional course with Write for the Bar. All of our MEE and MPT questions are licensed from the NCBE, so we ensure you are seeing questions written by the same folks who will write your test.

Our Guided Tour is a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that helps you focus on the areas where you need the most help. The flashcards, essays, and other study essentials that are displayed fit your specific needs.

If you prefer to follow the order of subjects presented by your traditional bar review course, you can use our Self-Guided option. You will have access to all of flashcards, essays, MPTs, and tutorial videos, and can “choose your own adventure.”

Within our Self-Guided option, you can select a subject to study and can drill down to specific subtopics to practice. Once you determine what areas need some work, you can use our flashcards to drill your knowledge, or can use your large traditional bar review course outlines for a more in-depth review.