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The way you study is unique to you! To build focus around your weak spots and capitalize on your strong suits, Write for the Bar features adaptable content molded to fit your needs.

Let the Guided Tour Lead the Way

Studying for the bar exam can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start, but Write for the Bar can help change this. The Guided Tour is a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that helps you focus around the areas you need the most help on while displaying essays, flashcards, and other study essentials fit for your specific needs. You’ll have the tools, the time, and the guidance to study smarter and more efficiently.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Using a unique algorithm, the Guided Tour automatically presents you with bar exam essays that emphasize on your weaker subtopics. View sample essays, take notes, and have your performance calculated.

Drill Your Knowledge Before & After

The Guided Tour features Flashcards that test your knowledge before and after each essay. Where did you excel? Which basics could you brush up on? Take notes as you go!

Expect the Unexpected

Mystery Essays are intended to give you the same surprised sensation you would experience opening your test booklet. Be prepared to handle whatever comes your way during the bar exam.

How Cognitive Science Will Help You Pass the Bar

Our Guided Tour is based on the premise of spaced repetition: to memorize a concept for the long-term, one might review the material at varying intervals of repetitive study with meaningful delays in between. Quite the opposite of cramming! Cognitive science has proven that this method is more effective than intense, last-minute studying. With our Guided Tour, you will be automatically and meaningfully toggled between the subjects in study, in review, and in practice. We’ll take care of the fancy science part, so you can focus on what’s important: passing the bar.

The Writing Guide was a great asset for working on my essay writing. It allowed me to focus on specific areas within each subject, while giving me a chance to run through many different essays quickly yet effectively.

Alexis G.

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