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The High Bar Writing Guide uses cognitive science, adaptable content, and advanced technology to help you not only study for the bar, but master it. Your needs are unique. Your study tool should be too. Join future esquires from across the country who are studying and succeeding with The High Bar.

The Writing Guide was a great asset for working on my essay writing. It allowed me to focus on specific areas within each subject, while giving me a chance to run through many different essays quickly yet effectively.

Alexis G.

I found the Writing Guide helpful because it revamped my way of writing, getting me to write in a way that was exactly what the graders were looking for. The Writing Guide starts from structure, drills it with (almost) endless practice, but most importantly for me, allowed me to learn why certain facts are important and that made a huge difference in my score.

Daniela H.

I finally passed the UBE with a score of 283, and earned a 155 on the MEE/MPT portion of the exam. I truly owe my high MEE/MPT score to the Writing Guide. Due to the pandemic, the bar exam was remote. It was extremely beneficial to practice writing essays and MPTs online, exactly like the format the remote exam was given. The tutor tips were especially helpful as were the sample answers. The Writing Guide was a wonderful resource.

Jackie W.

I passed the UBE (MA Bar) and credit the Writing Guide for helping improve my previous written score by 20 points. The sample answers were well-written and easily digestible. They included solid rule statements that I began to use as my own when those issues arose. I preferred The High Bar’s sample answers over those provided by my traditional bar review course.

Christian D.

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